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Father-Community  Advocate-DJ

Peyton "DJ PEYTON" is a local community advocate and entrepreneur. As the CEO of Culture People You LLC., Peyton has been able to reach out to the community and offer support through school drives, free access to literacy, culture rich programming and media. 

Peyton is owner and co founder of Crafted Culture Brewery Columbus, Ohio's 1st black brewery. Within this space Peyton has been able to make lasting connections in the industry and with the local community.  He also has been a host or participant of several beer festivals, food drives, expos and more. This allowed him to usher in new opportunities for minorities in the beer industry and make tangible change for the better.

Now as  A DJ, Peyton is able to share his experience with the community in a unique way.  Bringing with him the cultural awareness and playing all the music you enjoy.  As a host Peyton has been able to embrace different walks of life and ensure everyone is welcomed.  Inclusion and diversity is what makes the world spin and DJ Peyton makes the same approach while hosting or spinning. 

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