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MAG Mini Countryman Unveiling


What an amazing event at MAG of Dublin, Ohio. Peyton hosted the unveiling of the new Mini Countryman 2024. When I tell you the crowd couldn’t wait to see this new Mini and so what does Peyton do? He sets the tone of the atmosphere by spinning a mixture of pop and r&b hits!


Peyton creating mixes that inspire and builds anticipation for the crowd. Life is about getting from one moment to the next so why not have a good time with some uplifting music. Peyton brings art and music together so the crowd can appreciate this masterpiece of a vehicle.


What a beautiful new Mini Countryman. With its bigger and more powerful design it stands up to the compact SUV crossover mantle. This is when art and technology combine to deliver a compact combination.


Now let’s dance lol! Some people tap their feet while one excited MAG representative dances and can you blame her! A beautiful new Countryman by Mini, good food provided by Cameron Mitchell and great music spun by Peyton that sounds like an excellent unveiling party to me!


A special thank you to the MAG team of Dublin!

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