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3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

What another great year for CPY to host our free community Easter egg hunt. Founder Peyton and the CPY team was able to supply over 1000 eggs this year!


For 2024 CPY is happy to say we widen our awareness for the event and had multiple returning families. We are truly blessed to give back to our communities and make lasting impacts.


Now 1,2,3 Go! (Video credit Austin of CPY)


It's a family affair! Everyone got in on the hunt from toddlers to parents with one goal in mind. Getting as many eggs as possible together as a family.


Did the kids get enough egg? We like to think so! The spirit of giving was at the event. All the kids made sure everyone got eggs and shared with one another.


(Austin of CPY team and Founder Peyton)

The CPY wants to send a special thank you to Bryan Drewry for his donation!

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