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Cooking With Chef Angela


Angela of Culture People You visted Bexley city high school students during summer break to help teach a cooking class. Angela's love for the culinary arts stem from her owning a bakery and serving as a pastry chef in hotels.

Angela taught students how to prep a meal from start to finish. She reviewed the importance of taking inventory of ingredients and cooking utensils ahead of the class.



Now on to the cooking! Angela explained how to correctly chop vegetables and chicken for their meal. Keeping each ingredient uniform for presentation and also allowing all the flavors in each bite. Angela lead by example and got hands on with students in the cooking process.


One of the biggest lessons for cooking is patience. Angela explained how cooking is about preparation and waiting. If you wait and allow all your ingredients to marry together then you'll have an extremely delicious meal. Some students took her words to heart while others were too eager to eat but, that's the growing pains of learning how to cook.


And finally after much prep, patience, and cooking students reaped their reward of a professional meal. All the students were invited to sit family style and eat together. The room went silent and you know the food was good lol. And a surprise guest popped in to share the meal principle Mr. Jason Caudill!


If you are interested in booking Angela for a cooking class, or group sessions please email

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