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CPY Easter Hunt 2023

Founder/CEO Peyton hosted CPY 2nd annual Easter egg hunt. This years CPY put out 1000 eggs for the free Easter egg community event held at Schneider park. The Easter egg hunt accord Saturday April 1st 2023 and served the Franklin county area.


All the families that registered for the event received a free copy of Christina Dixon's book 'I am the Moon". The book tells the journey of a young boy discovering the phases of the moon and the universe around the moon.


Christina Dixon reads her book to the kids of the Easter egg hunt. You can feel the excitement of the kids and this was before they any candy. The illustrations are amazing in the book. The vibrant colors and shadowing grabs the readers eye.


And finally the the Easter egg hunt itself! There was no shortage of eggs or kids wanting candy. The race to see how many eggs you could gather was in full affect. I will say there were some bags fuller then I imaged. Although the kids had their own agenda they still helped out younger kids to ensure everyone got eggs.


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