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Entrepreneur Fair

The CPY team was in full attendance for the 1st annual Y Men and Y Women entrepreneur fair. The event was hosted in Gahanna Lincoln High School in Ohio. The event allows high schools to connect with local and national business owners. Each business owner was able to explain the history of their business and then provided a time for Q&A.

Angela (CPY Management) and Austin (CPY street team leader) greet students from Gahanna Lincoln high school


Austin (leader of the CPY street team) connects with high school students. He explains the history of CPY and our work in the community.


There was a wide variety of business owners at the fair. From a business that aides young people at starting their own business to a car detailing business. Not to mention a retro clothing company to a business that will tailor a suit for you. There was no shortage of diversity at the event.


Here is another example of the diversity students were able to see at the event. This group of business owners include a bamboo all natural toilet paper company, a realtor and an corporate event coordinator. Students are able to get one on one time with all the business owners and ask any question.


Samantha Davis (host of the event) and Peyton (CEO/Founder of CPY).

Samantha Davis brought together nearly 20 business owners for this entrepreneur event. Her dedication to education is inspiring. CPY wants to send out a special thank you for the event and the warm welcome.


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