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Over The Bar Black History Month

Updated: Mar 2



On this special episode of Over the Bar during Black History Month Peyton invited state representative Dontavius Jarrells, city Council member Alex Silver and author Christina Dixon to all share their experiences on life, business and to celebrate Black History Month.


The event is held at Browtique which is a new event space in Bexley, Ohio. Peyton connected with Destiny Ward the owner to get an overview of the space and what we can except to see in the near future.


Peyton connections with Destiny Ward


Alex Silverman as the host gets personal with Dontavius Jarrells, Peyton and Christina Dixon. He is able to make connections and allows everyone to convey their stories and view points. Alex allows a safe open space for dialect and conversations. The results are in depth insights and recollections of life experiences.

“What are we building for our babies?” Dontavius Jarrells


“To write my stories on paper was magical for me!” Christina Dixon


“I care about giving people opportunities” Peyton 


Enjoy a collective Q&A session. Alex poses an array of questions to each participant!

Why do you feel your role is important the community? 

Who is your inspiration and why? 


This is what a Black History Month celebration is about! A collective group of people coming together and sharing their experiences. When we all see one another outside the barriers of race, sex or cultures and create lasting meaningful relationships.

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